What is Wands and Vials?

Wands and Vials is a fantasy story I originally came up with years ago and tried to self-publish, back when I was just starting out in writing. I was a huge fan of the Atelier series, and at the same time I had been an avid fan of stories like Harry Potter, so I wanted to try and make my own series and profit as a self-published author. However, after some trials and errors and self-reflection, I decided to instead bring the story here so that it reaches a wider audience rather than limiting myself to an publishing platform, focusing instead on telling the story I want to tell.

Wands and Vials is a set in a fantasy world known as Trimagus and follows the life of an young Alchemist named Kowler Freslight, his elemental wind spirit, Aeria, and a young witch named Alice Pyralis. The story is relatively divided between Fantasy-Adventure and Slice-Of-Life, the focus shifting between business, crafting, and adventure as they uncover the secrets of both Alchemy and the world.

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