The First Steps – 4.08

Previous Chapter The entrance to the building itself was unlocked, likely in anticipation of our arrival. It brought us to the inside a narrow corridor with a staircase at the back, wrapping around the backside and upwards to the second floor. There were two doors to the left of the passage—one next to us and … Continue reading The First Steps – 4.08

[Lore Post] Important Locations: The Sylphide

The Sylphide is a former apothecary turned into Kowler’s personal shop. It was scouted for some time before being purchased shortly after his departure from the Amadeus Academy and became the home of himself, Aeria, and Alice while in Trikyrss. Here he conducts the various experiments that he is able to. History The Sylphide was … Continue reading [Lore Post] Important Locations: The Sylphide