[Lore Post] Important Locations: The Sylphide

The Sylphide is a former apothecary turned into Kowler’s personal shop. It was scouted for some time before being purchased shortly after his departure from the Amadeus Academy and became the home of himself, Aeria, and Alice while in Trikyrss. Here he conducts the various experiments that he is able to.


The Sylphide was an apothecary owned by an older man until the death of his spouse, who helped him run the shop. Having reached an age where he was ready to retire and move in with his family, while lacking the drive to compete with other apothecaries, he sought to sell the property and met with Kowler who had an interest. He later sold it for a modest sum.


The Sylphide is a two-story building made of stone and wooden frame, with tile roofing and an attic. There is no basement. The bottom consists of the storefront and workshop. The second floor has dining/kitchen quarters that also double as a living room leading up from the stairs, the master and side bedrooms, and a single bathroom next to the master bedroom.

The storefront itself has wooden floors and six windows, with one on each side of the door and two on each side of the walls. Between the side windows and filling up the space between the walls are two massive shelves that reach just below the ceiling. To either side of them are two displays that have rows to place items on.

The workshop has an athanor for alchemic work to be done along with barred windows to allow for air to come through, though they can be sealed off and shut properly. Kowler keeps additional shelves and cabinets to house everything along with tables.

The dining area is relatively small with a table, a kitchen that uses spellstones for cooking and refrigeration, and a sink. The bathroom has a shower/bath hybrid, a sink, and toilet. The side-bedroom is used as a spare storage area but has a bed there as well. The master bedroom contains one large bed, nightstands, lamps, chests and other things needed to live.


As a shop, the Sylphide is largely an apothecary with access to Alchemic Medicines, acting as a storefront that also provided additional services along with delivery. Shoppers generally come to it if they need medicine that lasts longer or has an instant effect due to the somewhat higher prices. Kowler acts as the apothecary, having the knowledge of medicines to give what was needed if asked, Alice acts as the storefront manager and clerk due to her experience, and Johan acts as an aid who could contribute to both ends if need be.

  • Strengths:
    • Alchemic medicines are instant acting and because he makes them personally they cost less than other storefronts who would need to purchase the medicine from other places and stock it at a higher price.
    • He can provide custom medication upon request with the price being factored by whether or not the excess can be sold-off, along with the cost of the materials.
    • Home-delivery provided once the order was completed so long as arrangements were made.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Medicines on average generally cost more since alchemic medicines are the primary things he sells.
    • There are a number of other apothecaries within Trikryss, some of which are closer to the other travel hubs.

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