An Alchemist Sets Out 1.0e

Previous Chapter Surprisingly things went rather swimmingly for me since that evening. The whole incident was handled delicately since it was a complex situation, given the individuals involved. Between the Love Potion plots, the attempted murder, and trolls, things had to be hushed up quite a bit to avoid the bad press. Alice got off … Continue reading An Alchemist Sets Out 1.0e

An Alchemist Sets Out 1.04

Previous Chapter The wind was heavy as we rode, its howl deafening my hearing and threatening to crumble my world. My fingers threatened to give out in lieu of the intense speed at which the fume beast traveled. The twisted ankle wasn’t helping the situation at all either. But all I could do was grit … Continue reading An Alchemist Sets Out 1.04

An Alchemist Sets Out 1.03

Previous Chapter Given how today had gone so far I was grateful that Chemeia ended without incident as I found myself standing outside the door of the Apothecary Magister’s Office. As class wasn’t in session during the Lunch period that followed, he could reliably be found here. After sending Aeria to guard the workshop, both … Continue reading An Alchemist Sets Out 1.03

An Alchemist Sets Out 1.02

Previous Chapter There was only one way to describe the Library in my opinion: Paradise. The chandeliers lined the ceiling, positioned between the stalwart shelves of books that had been preserved through arcane means to avoid the wearing and tearing of time and students. The quiet made it easy to rest at the tables that … Continue reading An Alchemist Sets Out 1.02