A Witch’s Flame – 2.04

Previous Chapter   Venturing into the rows of trees that formed the forest I was more than a little miffed since the hand where I got whipped was starting to swell and throb. I couldn’t heal it with magic since I wasn’t too good at Amelioration-type spells. They just never clicked for me so Kowl … Continue reading A Witch’s Flame – 2.04

The First Steps – 4.01

Previous Book “Another failure for the record.” The admission came with no small amount of frustration as I entered the information into the research log. It had been the twentieth attempt. It had been the twentieth failure. The resources spent. Time lost. Effort made. All of it was splayed out in front of me in … Continue reading The First Steps – 4.01

The Path Ahead – 3.04

Previous Chapter Kowler POV Alice’s home was a lot bigger than one would expect from a family of middle-class shopkeepers. I had actually asked Alice about it once. She said that her mother and father bought it before she was born. The property was supposedly rundown and riddled with overgrowth, but they had fixed it … Continue reading The Path Ahead – 3.04