The Path Ahead – 3.0e

Previous Chapter Alice POV I was in a good mood when we got back to Trikryss. Kowl slept better on the trip over, so I had to guess he was feeling better too. And the night of the festival was something I wouldn’t forget anytime soon either. That mood ended though, when we entered the … Continue reading The Path Ahead – 3.0e

The Path Ahead – 3.04

Previous Chapter Kowler POV Alice’s home was a lot bigger than one would expect from a family of middle-class shopkeepers. I had actually asked Alice about it once. She said that her mother and father bought it before she was born. The property was supposedly rundown and riddled with overgrowth, but they had fixed it … Continue reading The Path Ahead – 3.04

An Alchemist Sets Out 1.03

Previous Chapter Given how today had gone so far I was grateful that Chemeia ended without incident as I found myself standing outside the door of the Apothecary Magister’s Office. As class wasn’t in session during the Lunch period that followed, he could reliably be found here. After sending Aeria to guard the workshop, both … Continue reading An Alchemist Sets Out 1.03