A Witch’s Flame – 2.04

Previous Chapter   Venturing into the rows of trees that formed the forest I was more than a little miffed since the hand where I got whipped was starting to swell and throb. I couldn’t heal it with magic since I wasn’t too good at Amelioration-type spells. They just never clicked for me so Kowl … Continue reading A Witch’s Flame – 2.04

The Path Ahead – 3.0e

Previous Chapter Alice POV I was in a good mood when we got back to Trikryss. Kowl slept better on the trip over, so I had to guess he was feeling better too. And the night of the festival was something I wouldn’t forget anytime soon either. That mood ended though, when we entered the … Continue reading The Path Ahead – 3.0e

An Alchemist Sets Out 1.0e

Previous Chapter Surprisingly things went rather swimmingly for me since that evening. The whole incident was handled delicately since it was a complex situation, given the individuals involved. Between the Love Potion plots, the attempted murder, and trolls, things had to be hushed up quite a bit to avoid the bad press. Alice got off … Continue reading An Alchemist Sets Out 1.0e